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When it appeared in magazines in the 90s it blew my mind. For months I read about how it was prettier, better and more awesome than anything that came before it. I bought a 3Dfx card for this game.

Outer Base in Quake II

The moment I entered the Outer Base for the first time is etched in my memory and I still remembered every inch of the map when I launched it last week. The game aged pretty well, in my opinion. Too bad auto-save wasn’t as popular as it is now.

I also noticed that the resolution can’t be set higher than 1600 by something and the controls don’t feel as smooth as contemporary first-person-shooters. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this: source ports.

A source port rewrites the game’s engine to allow it to run on different platforms, fix bugs or allow modern machines to run it. After some research I came across Yamagi Quake II. It fixes the problems I described above and even adds some modern graphics options.

With all that in place I decided to do a play through of the first few maps. Like and subscribe if you enjoy the video so you’ll know when the next part hits YouTube.

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